Monday, April 13, 2015

DIY Gymnastics Mushroom For Under $10

My son Brenden is in Gymnastics. He is really determined to work hard and grow in each event. He has struggled most with the Gymnastics mushroom. In Gymnastics the mushroom is an integral part of pommel horse training. For Brenden to get better we wanted to have a mushroom at home so he can practice as much as he likes. The only problem is they cost around 300 dollars! Here are pictures of two Gymnastics mushrooms that you would find in any Gym.
The great thing is you can make your own for under 10 dollars!
Two of the main items you need to make your own mushroom, you can get for free. First you need a Cable Reel which you can get from Home Depot. Just go in and ask for one, they normally throw them away. Then you need a scrap of carpet underlayment which you should be able to score at any carpet store.
You first trace the base of the cable reel on the carpet underlayment and cut it out.
Next you will need some liquid glue and staple gun.
We started out stapling a piece of carpet underlayment to the reel.
Then you keep cutting out circles progressively smaller than the base. We cut out about 7 different circles. Then we liquid glued them together.
Next you need to cut a piece of underlayment that would lay over all the other layers.
Put more liquid glue over the layers, then turn the reel with all of the underlayment circles upside-down on a piece of Vinyl.
Next pull the Vinyl tightly up over the edge of the underlayment and reel and staple it to the wood.
Repeat this step all the way around the reel, stapling the Vinyl to the wood.
There you have it, your very own Gymnastics Mushroom!
You can start practicing right away!


  1. Anonymous5/05/2016

    Thia is so cool! I-ve been looking for ideas on how to build one for my son as well. do you ever have problems with it being top heavy and tipping over while he is using it?

  2. No not really! It works really well!!

  3. Thanks so much! We need one for our son and didn't want to shell out the $300+ for one. This I can totally diy! Thanks again!!!

  4. These are great back stretchers when laying stomach down. Just a fyi for parents with tight lower backs.

    Nice write up btw.

  5. Thanks for all your tips. Used yours and a little of someone else's combined and my son now has one to practice on

  6. I am in the process of making this!!! I went to Home Depot and got the wooden reel thing, and I have the vinyl, but having trouble with the carpet underlay - Home Depot had some but it seems thinner than the one in your pics , do you think I could just do more layers? Really hoping I can make this for my son.

    1. Yes! I totally think you can do it and just add more layers! How did it work out?

  7. Hi, I have an 8 yr old gymnasts and am about to attempt this project. Did you stabilize the "core" or center of the reel in any way?

    1. No we didn't. It's really pretty good as is! Good enough for them to practice on! Good luck! I hope your son loves it!

  8. thank you so much! I really appreciate the guidance. It looks like I can make this without any specialty tools. I'll let you know how it goes! One of the coaches told us that they can practice on these throughout their entire career, which is a plus, also! Thankful for good news today. :)


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